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We specialize in working with trans people to develop their ideal physique, work through dysphoria, and establish healthier habits. We work in person with Colorado's LGBTQ community out of Boulder and Denver. We also now have clients internationally!

We currently offer the following custom paid plans:

  • 4 week online plan

  • 8 week online plan

  • 12 week online plan

  • custom in person plans (contact for details)

Our custom plans include plan maintenance and updates and are sliding scale ($150-$500). The suggested price is $100/mo for those with no financial barriers. 


We are always offering online training on a sliding scale basis. We want to make sure everyone we train with is able to access us for form advice, questions, etc., and that is why we limit the number of clients at a time.


If you are interested in sliding scale training OR in person training, please email us so that we can confirm availability: GRXYFIT@GMAIL. 

All plans include:

  • weekly video call check-ins

  • form guidance

  • holistic health and wellness coaching

  • accountability coaching

Please note that these plans do not include a nutrition or macro guide.

Following completion of this form, you will receive a questionnaire. Once submitted, I will begin your plan and reach out upon completion to review it together! Please read more about our approach here.

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